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She was trying to provoke them into violently responding to the tantrums of a little girl.

That's why a camera was trained on her during the encounter.

We humorously say that it is situated "at the end of the world, left! We have long considered the preparations for the cultivation including a new irrigation system, fences, etc.After we succeeded with the vineyard we would like to repeat with an olive grove.After about three years, in the fall of 2021, we with God's help, are expecting to harvest the first olives and produce olive oil.Now, imagine Israeli Jews had hurled stones and firebombs at Palestinian Muslim worshippers at the tomb of some famous sheikh. Without question there'd be heavy international media coverage and commentary.Perhaps even an emergency session of the UN Security Council?

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And yet, when the roles are reversed, when Muslims on Thursday attacked Jewish worshippers at the tomb Yehoshua Ben Nun (the biblical Joshua), we get...crickets. That's because despite the fact that these particular Jews were praying at the tomb of a recognized JEWISH hero from the Bible, the international community rejects the notion that today's Jews have any connection to the place or right to be there. By the way, there were no injuries to the 1,000 Jewish worshippers or the IDF soldiers accompanying them to the tomb, which is situated in an Arab village long ago built overtop of the ancient Jewish holy site.

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